Knowledge Search Platform

Distilling knowledge on each single minute of video

All ProtonX’s products have been built to enhance sharing and learning experience through video. We use artificial intelligence technology to increase content creators’ productivity while providing viewers a excellent viewing experience.

Content building tools

MLE is an in-house content-building tool designed by ProtonX’s engineering team, suitable for you if you are a lover of sharing AI content in the form of visual interaction, and training models directly on the Browsers.

Video search engine

Optimizing information retrieval on videos, our team built a speech recognition system capable of extracting information from thousands of videos. Then the data will be fed into our search engine to answering your question directly on the videos.

Streaming Plaform​

Deliver your knowledge via video fast and securely

Content Creation Tool​

Unlimited Content Creation

Smart Editor

Smart Editor uses artificial intelligence to increase your editing productivity.

Upload video

Secure your video while keeping it fast.

Content Design

Managing and reusing content effectively.

Question Creation

Valuable questions to practice knowledge.

Vivid interface

Inspiring you to be creative every single day.

Programming exercises

Have you ever thought you could create machine learning programming exercises on website? We will help you do that.