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Build to change

ProtonX is a technology company founded to develop the most advanced AI applications to solve the significant problems of society.

Ba Ngoc


Ba Ngoc is the Founder of ProtonX and VietAI Hanoi. He loves programming and machine learning and strongly believes that “Machines are capable of getting past the limits of human speed in the future”. He won Singapore UNESCO Open Data and Science Hackathon 2018. 

At VietAI, he’s enthusiastic about teaching students Logistic Regression and Neural Network. 

In 2019, Ngoc was recognized by Google as the first Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning in Vietnam. 

In 2020 and 2021, he has trained more than 120 applicants who passed the Tensorflow exam and became Tensorflow Certificate Holders. 

Since 2021, He has been leading the engineering team at ProtonX to build Knowledge Search Platform, helps users to learn and search for knowledge instantly, accurately on videos. Check his profile on Google Developers Home Page.

Founder’s Profile on Google Home Page


Product / Library

The AI products/libraries we have been developing

MLE Platform

Knowledge Search Platform – Video Search Engine


The MLP Mixer library uses the latest AI technology on images.

ProtonX Transformer

Natural language processing library built for Question – Answering Machine and Machine Translation.


We have been looking for AI talents to join our team to build powerful AI Frameworks.


ProtonX have been focusing on training with the mission of nurturing engineers who are capable of designing AI core libraries/frameworks.


We have been corporating with leading organizations/companies to bring impacful values to the community.